What Makes a Great Water Bottling Company?

All water bottling companies are not created equal. When you choose Riviera, you’ll access a host of advantages, the most important of which are premium water quality and customer service. Our supremely portable bottled water products will allow your team, customers and/or guests to hydrate with ease while ‘sporting the brand’.


Buy Direct & Save – No Set Up Fees – We Design Labels – Fast Delivery


When you select our water bottling company, we’ll provide superior quality every time that you place an order. We also pay close attention to customer service, so you’ll be primed to access the sort of dedicated, old-fashioned, personalized customer service that is so hard to find these days.

Our ethical and sensible business practices, as well as our commitment to serving our clients, have helped us to rise above the competition.

To help you learn more about Riviera Beverages, let’s talk about why we’re an awesome water bottling company!

We Know What You Need

When you choose Riviera, you will be purchasing direct, saving money and getting the best possible product. Our “buying direct benefits” are designed to reward our clients for their continued loyalty and support! As well, you’ll be able to avoid set-up fees. Our company offers quick delivery, so you’ll receive your branded bottled water right when you need it. Also, we are proud to offer our design team to help with label graphics for our valued clientele.

We always provide experienced customer service, so you’ll find that selecting our firm is the key to unlocking our “one stop shop” convenience.

Now, let’s talk in more detail about what our manufacturing & bottling company offers to you. We provide extensive bottle selection for our two main categories – private label (retail product) and custom label (commercial & events):

Private Label (Retail Product)

A private label contract may be the best option for you. We also offer contract packages (co-packing) and store brand agreements. Whether you want spring water, distilled water, purified water or enhanced water products, you’ll find that we offer exactly what you need, as well as an array of bottle sizes. If you like, we’ll utilize your custom bottles.

Custom Label (Commercial & Events)

If you want to “bottle your brand”, you’ll find that our custom label services fit the bill! We serve a variety of customers from an assortment of niches, by providing premium water with branded labels and custom design. Our products will help you to enhance public relations for your company or special event.

People really appreciate being offered branded bottled water and they consider companies or events which provide it to be more professional, polished and impressive.

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Now that you know more about us – give us call. We are here to meet or exceed your expectations.