The U.S bottled water industry is worth billions of dollars, yet disposable bottled water doesn’t feature prominently on a manufacturer’s list when choosing promotional items and products. Here we present to you 5 compelling reasons to use bottled water as a marketing giveaway

Giveaway at tradeshows, sports events and concerts:
The best giveaway is always one that provides value. Could there be a better way to show people you care than by adding a small bottle of water in your branded giveaway package? Attendees have to stand on their feetall day and may need something to refresh their mind and body. A fresh bottle of water with your logo on it is definitely a welcome site. Similarly, a water bottle is what you need the most at a concert or sports event.And what better way to keep people hydrated than to offer them a complimentary bottle of water for free?

They’re portable and practical:
Unlike other promotional items,custom water bottles are a practical gift. They can be carried everywhere and satisfy a human being’s most basic need.

They can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle:
A press release by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) explains that ‘Americans have saved 300 billion calories every year’ by switching to plain water from soft drinks. Just by offering a bottle of water, you can help people from building up unwanted calories. This message is especially meaningful ‘when you are sponsoring a health run/event.

They can be used to show you are conscious about the environment:
Using bottled water to promote your environmental awareness seems ironic, but if you choose to use our water bottles, we can prove to you that there’s nothing sardonic about this. That is because we are private label water suppliers who use recycled polyethylene terephlate (rPET) and polyethylene terephtalate (PET) which ensures that your bottles are clean, EPA approved and BPA free.

They’re inexpensive:
Don’t get caught with the craze to use fancy promotional products that often end up in landfills. Bottled
water is useful and recyclable. Unlike other promotional products, you do not have to pay set up charges, print charges, re-order charges, or proof charges; hence our products are satisfying to use as well as affordable.