Bottled Water Pricing

Riviera Beverages produces bottled water for a wide range of clients. With that in mind, each type of client requires a different level of service. To best meet your needs, we have 2 options to help direct you to the right information.
One-Time Event Order pricing is shown on Pricing and simple label design templates are available for one-time orders ranging from a case to a few pallets.
Recurring/Repeat/Continuous/ASI Clients are typically private brands sold in retail outlets, repeat commercial orders, and through promotional distributors. You will want to contact us directly to get your pricing. We give personalized service to Private Label and Co-Pack clients as well as Promotional Distributors. Since you are working directly with the manufacturer, we are very competitive with all other providers and beverage brokers. Bottled water prices vary substantially from one supplier to the next. We suggest clients get multiple quotes to ensure they are dealing with a reputable supplier. Remember, price is important but so is quality and reputation – you want to find a source that delivers what is promised when it is promised!
Storage Issue?
If you want a volume discount but don’t have the storage space for your large order – no worries! You can place your expected quarterly or annual volume order and we will inventory your extra labels and have bottles ready to fill when needed at no extra cost.